The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof says the HOLY BOOK. God is the maker and the owner of all things. Whatever a man has is given to Him by the grace of God ( John 3:27; 1Corint 4:7). God as the source expects us to give back to that SOURCE. This is one way of ensuring steady supply. In God’s Manual to Man- The Bible- Man is commanded to give offerings and pay tithes to GOD according to the measure of blessings received (2 Corint 8:12). Until we are willing to obey God along this line we are not yet ready for net-breaking miracles.
In Luke 5:1-7 we see Peter, a professional fisherman. Peter with his men had gone out for business. Throughout the night Peter and his men had tried all they could to make good business but all were in vain. They were utterly disappointed as all their efforts ended up with negative results. They had given up and were about to go home with no hope of putting food upon the table for their families. This is the case of many people today from day to day. Thwarted efforts! Hopelessness! Continues disappointments! Life without food upon the table when needed!
A POSITIVE TURN-AROUND: In Luke 5:3 we see the giving that changed the story of Peter. He had given his boat for the progress of the work of God. He had GIVEN HIS BOAT TO GOD-A GREAT HONOUR. Mind you at this time he had no other thing to give-nothing! But he had to give at the time it is needed and GOD CHANGED HIS STORY (Luke 5:5-6). Today God will change your story as you learn to honour Him in Jesus Name.
Prov.3:9- Honour The Lord with your substance and with the first fruits of all your increase: and so shall your treasure house be filled with plenty.

Learn to obey God and it shall be well with YOU.